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Why Use In Bound Marketing?

What is Inbound Marketing?


Inbound marketing is based on the idea that your clients are looking for someone exactly like you. One of the best examples of an inbound marketing tool is the old printed Yellow Pages.  The Yellow Pages was a book delivered to every home and business.  These listings were divided up by types of business and locations of businesses.

Clients found businesses and services by searching in the yellow pages. Whether you need a dentist, a shoe store, or a pizza, you could find it in the Yellow Pages.

Today, most businesses and households have stopped using phone books to find things they need. Instead, people look on the internet by either searching for what they want directly or indirectly by doing research online.

Non-Interruptive Marketing

Inbound digital marketing is any activity that helps your clients find you, rather than forcing you to go out looking for them. Another way to think about this type of marketing is to think about non-interruptive marketing.  Interruptive marketing is anything that comes uninvited into the client’s space. Cold calling, mass email or mailings, TV commercials, and so on. That kind of advertising interrupts something your potential client is doing.

It’s harder to sell something to someone who has been interrupted.

Give Them Want They Want When They Want It

The easiest way for you to find good clients and customers is to offer them what they want or need, exactly when they are looking for it. An online presence allows you to be there whenever a potential client becomes interested in something you have to offer.