Re-Marketing Ads to Targeted Users

Turn Curious Viewers Into New Clients

Few visitors take action on their first visit to your website. Web surfing allows potential clients to shop around without leaving their desks. No matter how much better you are than your competition, clients can get lost trying to find your website again.

Often, potential clients start looking on-line out of curiosity. The internet allows them to check things out without being hassled by a commissioned salesperson. On average, clients will visit the same website ten times before they take action.  For instance, they may download software, register their information via a contact or “more information” form, or hopefully pay for something.

Most people who access your site (around 90%) will leave before completing any interaction with you. It is highly likely that most of those same visitors are still interested in something you are offering.


Re-Marketing, also known as Re-Targeting, is a service that tracks your visitors and periodically offers them an advertisement that links back to your site. The exciting thing about this type of advertising is that the ads only target prior visitors, and you only pay for the ad placement if someone likes what they see on the ad and clicks through to your site!

Of course, there is some overhead associated with setting up the ad campaign and installing it on your site. Southwest Digital Media is a Google Partner and Google AdWords Certified and participates in continuous Google certification training for designing, implementing, and managing this type of digital advertising. Contact us for more information on how to set up your Re-Marketing campaign.