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Constantly improve your SEO Reach with a Blog!

Why have an onsite blog?

Having an on-sight blog gives clients a reason to return to your web site. But it does much more than that. It ups your search engine goodness in a number of ways.

Your website blog will exist on a separate page that will be searched by search engine software, and each new entry will be read as a new page, adding to your score.

In addition, your blog allows you to elaborate on anything that makes you stand out. You, or someone writing for you, can tackle topics like customer service, materials you use, processes you use, almost anything.

These brief notes about what’s new or what’s interesting or different about your business can add lots of places for customers to land on your site. They can also add a lot of new ways for customers to learn to trust you. And for you explain why you do what you do.

Don’t have time to write a weekly blog? We can research a topic for you, all we need is a suggestion of what you want to talk about.